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  The capacity of Henan Le Grand Large Hotel is a set of rooms, catering, conference, recreation and entertainment as one, equipped with modern facilities, advanced equipment, according to the five standards for the construction of green administrative Traders Hotel Stars Hotel.

  The hotel is located in the Zheng Dong district administrative core zone, and the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Henan Art Center is adjacent, is your business travel, banquet and meeting, entertainment and leisure ideal place.

  Hotel with low carbon and green humanities ideas for innovation, the overall decoration supplies and use the new material of green environmental protection, safety, health, science and technology and the choice of the human intelligent control system, a perfect interpretation of the concept of green ecological hotel.

  The hotel has business single room, business room, deluxe room, deluxe room, executive room, executive room, luxury suites, executive suites, disabled room, garden suite and other kinds of chamber 127 set. Guest room design style elegant, concise and lively, for you to create a "quiet, warm, rich, harmonious" home harbour and the spirit home. All the rooms are all equipped with a complete intelligent system, high-speed Internet, digital TV, private safe, high-end travel packages such as business equipment, for you to create intimate business travel experience.

  The fashion tide source Hin restaurant, exquisite Gelinfeitexi restaurants, Chinese and Western food, bright color, a superb collection of beautiful things, let you indulge in pleasures without stop. Having an antique flavour, comfortable and elegant wave source of Xuan Tea, outside of which make you refreshed, fatigue meal Qing; luxury banquet rooms, for your dedication implication of Chinese traditional culture of gluttonous food green; luxurious banquet hall, professional live broadcast system and the stage lighting system, will make your wedding party, its brightness dazzles the eyes.

  The hotel has meeting hall, senior banquet hall, VIP reception hall, multi-functional conference hall and other types of professional administrative conference room 7, simultaneous interpretation system, synchronization of video conference system, regional live video broadcast system, KTV entertainment system, professional stage lighting system and other modern facilities, can meet the press conference, the synchronous meeting, cocktail party, professional range of meeting demand.

  The hotel fitness center equipment, equipment room, darts, billiards room and other entertainment facilities gives you a wealth of entertainment experience.

  Hotel offers elegant, comfortable environment at the same time, will be professional and standardized management to provide you with a series of humane, personalized service, let you in a warm, cozy environment feel is Le Grand Large Hotel humanities breath and the green care.