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Core values: all rivers run into sea, tolerance is a virtue; a precipice, leaves.


" All rivers run into sea, tolerance is a virtue: meaning " to have like a sea of myriad rivers like the mind, to accommodate and fusion to form extraordinary atmosphere.

" A precipice, meaning be: " thousands of feet cliffs can stand as firm as a rock, because it has no worldly desires. Only do no worldly desires, in order to achieve the realm of fearless of death for a just cause.

【Annotation 】

With great boldness of vision, to create a new pattern, forging a sustainable development pattern.

Encourage the free airing of views, accommodating personality, innovation and development.

Integrity management, accountability, harmonious development.

Be generous and open-minded, broad-minded, stoic stoic Shouzhi, upright and outspoken, pure in heart.

Enterprise mission: excellent green business experience author

【Annotation 】

From the angle of innovation, based on the excellent quality, the concept of green business experience and standard molded advocates, the creator.

The capacity of the guests to provide not only a product or service, but the guests in the enterprise to obtain the overall experience, and thus get the feelings of pleasure.

The capacity of the guests to provide high quality with the concept of green business experience. Corporate vision : to build a green quality world to build high-end communication experience


Is committed to building a low carbon, high quality demands of environmental protection, and interpersonal communication space.

Is committed to high-end services to communicate, exchange, for the guests to create a new experience. Operating purposes: harmony, integrity, the justice system to benefit

【Annotation 】

Advocates of social benefit, environmental benefit and enterprise benefit harmony.

High sense of social responsibility is to ensure that the offer price is authentic, products and services of value for money.

Have the decency of good moral character and a high degree of social responsibility, sincere and friendly towards each side business partners, employees, shareholders, to become customers and suppliers of choice.

Business philosophy: the green, health, Humanities


To ensure that customers provide a green, healthy, secure environment.

Provides guests with environmental, health, and safety requirements of products and services.

For the guests to provide personalized, intelligent, humane service experience.

Humanism: inclusive, harmonious, development


With an open spirit gathering talents, with the harmonious management talent pool, to develop the attitudes of cultivating talents, construction of personality, harmony, sustainable development management team.

Pay attention to Germany, can, diligent, accomplishment, respect for talent, talent, training talents, value talent.

Service concept: details is the root, integrity-based; faith in, Li on the line.

【Annotation 】

Take to one's bosom personalized service should be embodied in the service of every detail.

In good faith in the face of customers, will the needs of customers in the first place, pay attention to service process and process.

Inner morality cultivation, and acts through the courtesy of the show.

Green operating system: 5R green system

【Annotation 】

5R by saving emission reduction ( Reduce ), green purchasing (Reevaluate), use for many times ( Reuse ),

Cyclic regeneration ( Recycle ), harmonious protection (Rescue) of five parts.

Specific as follows:

Reduce saving the resource and reducing pollution

Reevaluate green consumption green purchasing

Reuse used repeatedly using

Recycle Classification Recycling Recycling

Rescue protection nature symbiosis