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  Zhengzhou city is the capital of Henan Province, the province's political, economic and cultural center, north of the Yellow River, Western Songshan, Southeast for the vast plains of Huang Huai. Administer 12 areas, county ( city), the District 6, county 1, prefectural class city 5. Zhengzhou is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, " Xiongzhi central, controlled Royal Xianyao ", as the important transportation, communications hub, is the new Eurasian Continental Bridge important city.


  The city has a total area of 7446.2 square kilometers, of which the urban area 1010.3 square kilometer, build area area 127.2 square kilometer

• population:

  The total population of 6076000 people, the existing 1200000 urban population.


  Zhengzhou green coverage rate reached 35.5%, known as the " Central Plains greentown ". Zhengzhou's mild climate, four distinct seasons. The average annual temperature of 14. 3 C. The hottest July, monthly mean temperature of 27. 3 C. The coldest in January, monthly mean temperature of -0.2 ℃. Age two season bright, all flowers bloom together., the best season for tourism.


  Chinese currency rmb. The majority of hotels and department stores that accept credit cards.


  With a difference of 8 hours GMT

tourism complaint telephone:

  Zhengzhou tourism complaint phone: 0371-67188061

  Henan provincial tourism complaint phone: 0371 - 65506775

  The National Tourism complaint phone: 010-65275315

  Emergency phone number: 110