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  The green and environmental protection is our claim

  Hotel to cancel configuration shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes and other conventional Hotel small configuration, to give senior business suits.

  Hotel furniture using wood materials, avoids the formaldehyde and other harmful substances released on accommodation environment pollution.

  The hotel intelligent control system, reasonable arrangement of equipment operation, reduce carbon emissions.

  Hotel building materials are selected in the environmental protection material, avoid two pollution problems.

  Hotel lighting using all the LED lighting, average energy saving 80%.

  Selection of the United States imported " Carrier " air 2010 new products, a host device using R-134a refrigerant, atmospheric ozone completely harmless, without any disabling period. Its outstanding performance, saving energy, reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

  Selection of air source heat pump, will be a large number of low grade heat ( heat in the air ), turn to high grade energy, the output energy is input power more than 3 times, and its operation process, no harmful gas, liquid and combustion waste generation and emissions.

  Hotel wall increases the insulation layer, reduce the energy consumption loss, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

  Intelligent control system of LED location lighting, scientific control, reduce electricity consumption.

  Garbage classification recovery, convenient garbage treatment.

  Intelligence and science and technology is our pursuit

  Hotel public area WIFI seamless coverage.

  Hotel fiber optic network access, and equipped with a digital television signal.

  The guest room before the automatic adjustment of temperature, automatic open porch light, to provide you with a friendly environment.

  Guest check out key setting, accelerate rounds speed, reduce your front desk check out time.

  When you are answering the telephone or in the bathroom, visitors press the doorbell, the doorbell panel will display " please wait ".

  Toilet intelligent ventilation system, reasonable arrangement of exhaust systems, guarantee the fresh air.

  Toilet of audio and video synchronization broadcast, let you in the bath when watching the TV dynamic.

  Light delay system, more humane concern of your life.

  International Conference Center can carry out synchronous remote video conference and region within the live video broadcast.

  Banquet hall with rooms together to carry out regional live video broadcast..

  The conference center is equipped with a professional stage lighting and sound system.

  Rooms TV surfing the internet.

  Noble and luxurious 's who we are

  Lobby 10 meters exceed tall space, 26 square super luxury crystal lamp, luxury color.

  Brazil imports original butterfly yellow marble Wailimian, exudes a noble gentleman.

  Exclusive VIP reception hall, VIP exclusive lift, meet the VIP reception function.

  Bathroom laying imported marble, sanitary ware with toto, separate tub, separate shower, independent washing area, give you a comfortable bath experience.

  Spacious luxury solid wood doors, famous brand ideal intelligent lock, famous carpet carpet ( imported DuPont cloth ), to you to create safe, quiet, the luxury accommodation environment.

  The room is equipped with top international brands Serta mattresses, bring you a comfortable sleep experience.

  Dazzle thin LED back light source Sony television, give your imagination audio-visual experience.

  Dick Sam furniture, a perfect interpretation of the taste of life.

  Safe with Shu Xin is our duty

  Intelligent elevator control system -- the night only with a valid card can take the elevator to the floor.

  Bathroom set SOS call terminal -- waiter to call quickly rushed to the emergency room treatment.

  Hotel security monitoring, fire control system signal receiving terminal and interface -- on the hotel was 360 °seamless monitoring.

  Door status intelligent control system with open delay alarm system -- always pay attention to your room safety.

  Electronic patrol management system -- Security every corner has security personnel.